Michal Bukojemski

Born 1946 in Wałbrzych.

In 1969 he completed his studies in the Department for Cinematography at the Polish National Film School in Łódź (PWSTiF), as DoP.

From 1971 worked as cameraman for the “Czołówka” Film Studio in Warsaw, moving in 1976 to the Documentary Film Studio in Warsaw. In the first half of the 1990ties he then worked for ABC News out of their bureaux in Warszawa and later Moscow. (Michal speaks fluent English and Russian).

With the advent of the era of digital video, Michal Bukojemski started his own production company, „Digit Film” in 1996 for which he produces and directs documentaries. Between 2006 and 2015 he was resident lecturer for documentary film for cinematographers at PWSFTviT.

Latest Film

Shown at 2017 Media Festival „Man in Danger” – Łódź, 2017

– A group of around 15 elderly men meet to undertake a sentimental journey to their roots, that started 50 years before. In the central courtyard of the Polish National Film School in Lodz they look through a batch of old photographs of themselves. They were all students of the Department of Cinematography who started their studies in 1965. They watch one of their diploma films made by Rupen Vosgimorukian from Lebanon and Gilles Moizon from France. The work touches on one of the most important formative elements of their time at the School in the late sixties. The post-March 1968 anti-semitic smear campaign in Poland resulted in the dismissal of several professors, including the School Director Jerzy Toeplitz, and some of the students.

The group of ex-students relate on-screen their first contacts with professional film cameras, and their first visits to the Lodz Film Studios. Talk progresses naturally to shared reflection not only on „how to work”, but then „how to live?”


Photo: Piotr Jaxa ©2015. The Lodz participants sitting on the famous Lodz Film School staircase. In the first row: Ryszard Gajewski, in the second row from left: Zbigniew E. Pietrzkiewicz, Włodzimierz Beatus, Piotr Jaxa-Kwiatkowski, Sabina Kubik (celebrating 50 years as secretary to the Dean of the Department of Film Directing ), Wacław Furman, Rupen Vosgimorukian. In the third row from the left: Gilles Moizon, Michał Bukojemski, Tadeusz Rusinek. Jacek Prosiński standing.

Photo: Jan Prosiński ©2015. From the left: Gilles Moizon, Rupen Vosgimorukian, Michał Bukojemski, Jacek Prosiński

Photo: Jan Prosinski©2015. Michał and Piotr Bukojemski, director and DoP of „Alumni Reunion or the Point of Reference”